About Portable Maid

Ana Fernandez Ana Fernandez

Your job is very important to us. Portable Maid is a company soaring to a new awareness that scours your home, office or business. We want to show you why Portable Maid has industry leading service. Our main objective is to listen to our customers' needs and provide solutions.


Portable Maid is involved in the community creating new jobs for residents throughout South Florida. We are very family oriented in that we hire single moms and dads who are supporting their families.You can always count on our reliable and trustworthy professionals to provide unparalleled cleaning and customer-oriented results. Each of our employees has had a five-year criminal background check and has been thoroughly trained to our high cleaning standards. Our employees are very important to us as they represent Portable Maid in our cleaning jobs and core values.


Portable Maid is comitted to giving back to our community. We donate and give our free time to the Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital Miracle League. We also give our time to the Broward Outreach Center. A friendly smile and a handshake always bring out the best in people.


Honesty is paramount with Portable Maid. We are trusted by our homeowners and commercial property managers because of our integrity, competency and affordable rates. This point cannot be stressed enough. We are a very trusted company that caters to the distinct needs of our indvidual clients. Call us today to experience what sets us apart from other cleaning services in South Florida.